Semayra VPS in Netherlands,Amsterdam

Amsterdam has various uplinks & peerings, simply to start with. Semayra provides the lowest latency and also zero-loss network paths because of automated path optimization software program. It is definitely ensured that VPS in Amsterdam constantly has the optimum feasible connection to the East Coastline of the US, Europe, and also the Center East areas. We are not claiming that all kind of tasks might discover this location a heaven, however IPTV streaming tasks & web sites with grown-up content are more than welcome over right here!

In some cases distance matters. Probably, for the majority of you, the core advantage of having a VPS in the Netherlands rests on its phenomenal connectivity because of its geographical area. The datacentre where Semayra operates in the Netherlands lies in midtown Amsterdam near the seaside, near to the Transatlantic optic fiber lines linking Europe & The United States and Canada. Therefore, this area is more detailed to The United States and Canada as well as has superb connection to the entire of Europe as well as the Center East areas. Significantly, our network there has interconnection with AMS-IX and also NL-X; incidentally, AMS-IX is the biggest network center worldwide by the variety of linked networks.

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A perfect starting point for a growing Website(s).

$17.00 Monthly
$48.45 Quarterly
$91.80 Semiannually
$173.40 Annually
  • SSD 10 GB
  • 1 GB RAM
  • CPU : 1
  • 10 TB Monthly Bandwidth


A perfect VPS Package for Mid-Traffic Website(s).

$24.00 Monthly
$68.40 Quarterly
$129.60 Semiannually
$244.80 Annually
  • SSD 25 GB
  • 2 GB RAM
  • CPU : 2
  • 15 TB Monthly Bandwidth


A Perfect VPS Package for High Traffic Website(s).

$44.00 Monthly
$125.40 Quarterly
$237.60 Semiannually
$448.80 Annually
  • SSD 50 GB
  • 4 GB RAM
  • CPU : 4
  • 20 TB Monthly Bandwidth


A perfect VPS for High traffic Business Website(s).

$64.00 Monthly
$182.40 Quarterly
$345.60 Semiannually
$652.80 Annually
  • SSD 75 GB
  • 8 GB RAM
  • CPU : 6
  • 40 TB Monthly Bandwidth

Why Choose VPS Hosting?



The virtual servers comes with full root access which allows administrator access over your hosting environment, along with the ability to install custom software without any restrictions. Additionally, our Server Management Panel gives you complete control of the server with actions as Start, Stop, Rebuild and much more

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Your VPS (virtual private server) plan comes with a Control Panel, which helps you manage your hosting environment efficiently.

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While some service providers take 24-48 hours to get your server up and running. Our VPS servers are designed to be provisioned within a hour!
Unlike many VPS hosting service providers in India, we don’t charge any setup fee.

Still searching for the best VPS server?
Go with Semayra KVM Servers



Semayra uses Latest Intel Xeon Servers
which provides Optimum Performance
resulting increased flexibility and control

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Your KVM VPS comes with control Panel, to
manage your VPS according to your needs.
Use as Windows Server Or Linux

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We are here for you 24/7/365 via
Skype, LiveChat and Email to assist
with any questions you may have

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All our underlying physical servers are
equipped with latest Processors and RAM

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You can use these Servers as Linux Box
or as Windows Server.Fully Customizable

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Due to KVM virtulization,All resources are guaranteed and High End server may be used as alternate for dedicated server.

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Try us for 03 days absolutely risk-free! You are completely protected by our no-risk guarantee program. If by any means you decide to cancel your account with in 03 days of activation, you'll receive an instant refund, no questions asked.


Server will be setup with in 24 hours, normally it will take 2-4 hours depending on the configuration & requested Operating system.
You will receive a VPS Account information via Email as soon as your VPS is setup/Operational.
We are provide 3 days money-back guarantee on all our VPS packages, given that your hosting experience was ruined for a reason! Should you decide you want your money back, please get in touch with our Customer Experience team at, and we'll send you an email with instructions on how to complete the cancellation process correctly. Please Note that,Users voilating our Terms & conditions will not covered under this policy

It is necessary to understand that VPS hosting offers an isolated environment on a shared server, which efficiently implies you are provided a pizza slice server's resources that nobody else can touch. Actually, considered that the server is powerful enough, it must not trigger much problem discussing functional performance.

On the other hand, dedicated server hosting offers you complete control of a physical server resources. Technically talking, a dedicated server is a type of hosting where the real server is typically not shared by any individual else, dedicating all of its powers to the requirements of a single client or job.

Nonetheless, VPS does have a collection of popular benefits. To start with, you do not need to bother with hardware monitoring, neither demand to keep an eye on the status of hard drives, RAM, and also CPU. Generally technique, these are adjusted to host most kinds of internet tasks that are reasonably sized. Thus, enabling you to focus on your prime things.

However, Semayra suggests making use of a dedicated server if you require utmost performance, utilizing lots of network band-width, or require custom-made network solutions like vRack, BGP, or various other complicated services. Please examine information regarding dedicated servers in Netherlands or speak with our team in case you require to talk about even more technical information.

To summarize, a market tendency recommends that customers with a expanding volume of internet activity either go up to dedicated servers or Public Cloud services. These solutions provide even more complicated, versatile infrastructures that can adjust to a high degree of development. In case you may be interested, we recommend checking Cloud Services by Semayra.

Although some might believe these are similar, there are some considerable differences. VPS utilizes a single server, which server is split right into various virtualized server environments. VPS ensures you a collection of standard resources plus a specific degree of versatility in case your task requires scalability as a result of a spike in web traffic. It is essential to recognize that in shared hosting, resources are shared in between the server accounts.On the other hand, with shared hosting, you have limitations on the amount of CPU as well as memory offered,in addition to other software application limitations. Thus, such choice is practical for those with even more moderate demands and also steady traffic usage. In its turn, VPS hosting offers an isolated environment which does not need sharing your alloted resources with anybody else. VPS hosting locations you remain in control - you choose what to operate on your server, where and also when.

Undoubtedly, nowadays a website's loading speed is vital, otherwise also a crucial aspect. Very few individuals have the patience to wait while a sluggish website load.Essentially to understand that SSD disks have much faster I/O performance, which is advantageous contrasted to HDD drives. The benefit is that while you can obtain a faster read instantly, you will certainly likewise take advantage of minimized CPU usage. The factor is that CPU usage is high when waiting due to the fact that the CPU is still processing data in a waiting state.


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